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I have been telepathic with the spiritual dimension from a young age; however, due to the strict Catholicism of my mother and family, it soon went underground and I did not resume regular connection until after I retired from a career as a lawyer. I have had many intense spiritual experiences, including NDEs. After doing about 1000 mediumship sessions for those who had lost loved ones, I turned to focus on my communications with a group Heavenside that are known as the Circle of Love. 

We talk several hours a day and those conversations have been turned into two books, with many more in the works from the vast amount of material that was gathered. It was then time to resume doing individual sessions. At this time, my connection is primarily telepathic with deep soul conversations possible with those who have transitioned to the Other Side, or Heaven.


J.J. McG:

Stephanie was able to bring to me my father and describe him and the incident that caused his passing with exceptional detail, without me ever saying a word about him or that he had even passed. He was the one I was wanting to make contact with prior to the session and was again able to without ever mentioning him to Stephanie. She was able to contact Spirit and bring him through to deliver me an important message that describes how he now feels on the other side compared to how he felt his last year on this plane. Again, it was so genuine and real what that message was as to how he was his last year of life here and his new perspective. He knew that one person, my mother, needed to hear this message as well as part of it was for her from him. There is no way that anyone without knowing my family intimately would have been able to know of these dynamics unless they are truly gifted at communicating with the "other side" in a genuine way. I did not know who Stephanie was up until that point we made contact during the session and she did not know me either. This was truly a remarkable experience that I will always hold dear.

Amy W G

My husband and I had our first reading ever today, and it was with Stephanie. I was a bit nervous, but she was very easy to talk to. She took time in listening to our son on the other side and gave us information that was very comforting! There was no denying that our boy was coming through. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with her.

Meshele C T

I have loved every moment I have spent with Stephanie Patel. To say she’s talented and authentic doesn’t even scratch the surface. She’s a friend and confidant. The love that flows through her has been infinitely healing. If you don’t know Stephanie, you’re definitely missing out on something amazing!

Sandy L

There are psychics and there is Stephanie…I have had the pleasure of her knowledge from the OS and clear messages from loved ones. The help she has given me is more than just messages, loved one’s words and distinct guidance.  She has a way of digging deep and helping you ask the questions that need to be asked of yourself to clear out the clogged pipes of your existence to make way for a new, clean, renewed self that you can move forward with a life worth living.  My highest recommendation…Namaste.

Jessica R

Stephanie steps easily between our world and the next, so to speak.  I know my healing would be much more difficult without the gift of communication I received from her.  I love her!

Marina N:

I had three sessions with Stephanie Patel who helped me connect with my son Alex who passed away in 2016. I just felt that Stephanie would be the right channel for me. I also wonder if my son led me to selecting Stephanie for this sensitive job. At the end of our first session, Alex said, "Thank you for your courage, mom".


I realize now that there're so many people out there who lost their loved ones and who are now lost in their grief, who are really afraid of connecting with their loved ones in the other side. For me, living in the black cloud of grief and pain was not an option. Nor was it helping my son on the other side who felt acutely all my pain and grief. I wanted to establish a connection with Alex, and the validations of the first session with Stephanie lifted me up - I was literally soaring. My son was lifted too, Stephanie felt it, and he said he was grateful to us both for this precious connection.


If you truly care about someone who has transitioned to the other side, share with them your happiness, not your pain. Your happiness lifts them up, helps them evolve. Stephanie Patel is an amazing human being, with a huge heart, full of love that she shares freely with others. Her own numerous losses and tragedies in this lifetime alone did not break her, did not close her down, but opened her heart that eagerly shares appreciation, compassion and love with others. She daily inspires others by sharing her own wisdoms and channeled information on her Facebook group page. If you always wanted to connect with your loved one in spirit, I highly recommend Stephanie Patel as a compassionate and highly accurate spirit medium.

Sarah J

I received a reading from Stephanie, any skepticism I had about this type of thing seems kind of stupid to me now. Stephanie is amazing and authentic. A lot of what was revealed I already knew on my heart but just hearing it out loud has given me so much peace. She’s an amazing gift and shares it. I appreciate her and am getting emotional writing this. Thank you. I recommend her in general.  Also her book.  And I’ve listened to her YouTube videos too. Thank you again and again. Please use and repost anywhere and everywhere. Please know that you share this gift in the truest way and I haven’t thanked you enough but I really do appreciate you and thank you.

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