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A Kinder, Gentler World...

January 27, 2017

8:44 p.m

[At first they are trying to talk to me, but I am having trouble keeping up, so I get on the laptop as requested. This comes so fast my fingers fly over the keyboard trying to keep up.]


Okay, better, this is a better way to communicate, your fingers fly faster than your …sometimes.

It is more comfortable to you as well. Take some time tonight to relax, take a bath, maybe begin a new jig saw puzzle, you are always learning and absorbing information even though your conscious mind is occupied with the puzzle, which is why you enjoy doing them so much. It releases you from the task of conscious rumination and allows you to be in a sort of active meditation state, when your fingers are occupied and your mind is at peace. We were talking about the fact that changes are coming, and I know you don’t want to talk about that. It is however the time to begin to prepare. As you are noticing things are changing very fast. It won’t take long for it to begin to become apparent to all that the old way of life is disintegrating and it is time to start adapting to the new. Take care of your family first, and then others. You will be guided as always. Don’t get too concerned about the energy of disaster, that is not where this is going to take you, although it may seem like things are very strained at times. Just relax and take it day by day. Keep writing, your book will be important to many, as it will allow them to laugh and also stimulate them to greater awareness, it is a sort of travelogue of a time that was both simpler and more complex. The important thing is that everyone begins to understand their own ability to survive through their own effort and self-reliance. Coming back into alignment with essential experiences of life, such as play, communication and companionship. Everyone is going to have to get more honest with themselves and each other about their personal agendas and the way they look at life, which as you know is riddled with inconsistencies and erroneous perceptions. After you have absorbed all this new information you are to …please don’t resist this information, just let if flow and we will correct any mistakes after—you are to take what you are told and turn it into commuications with others to help them prepare. Don’t worry about any concern that you are creating or giving energy to disaster, that is not what is going on; you are simply picking up the picture that is already coelescing and because you are able to pick it up a little faster than those around you, you become a means of channeling that information to the ears of those who need to hear it. Being still is a good way of connecting for you, writing it in this manner is helpful, in that it comes naturally to you. Already many are feeling the effect of your contact with them in the service of love and a kinder, gentler world. To be stagnant would be difficult, and so you must be in pursuit of something, and a kinder, gentler world is a vision of love. Remembering that everything is love, it allows the parts to fall into place naturally, it then becomes effortless to maintain.

There is nothing you need to do that requires you to exert yourself overly. Take care of yourself. Eat right, sleep well (turn off the light), and make love often.

Steph: That sounds like Steve’s input.

It is. He is laughing. Okay, we will let you go. Take care of yourself Stephanie, you are loved well by so many. We are here for you. Look to us if you feel the need. We love you.

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