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A word about schizophrenia

My name is Chipper Clark, and I am the nephew of Stephanie Patel, and the one who left that world on the same day as her own son, Sanjai Patel. This was an agreement between the two of us prior to entering into that lifetime, that we should leave on the same day, and my soul knew that he had gone and it was time for me to leave as well, and so I did. threw myself in front of a car and was killed and this was not so very hard for me to do, for I was the one was known as schizophrenic. Yes, as Stephanie would tell you, I was a golden chlld who was very talented and thought to be one who would do well in life, and that is not what happened. What happened is that I began to hear voices and then I became so very frightened and I was totally debilitated, which is why Stephanie has been thinking of this and why I have now come in to share. You see, I was not so very afraid at first and then I was, for I did not understand that I was only coming into connection with my own inner being and with All That Is. I thought that I was becoming insane and that is exactly what I was. I was insane from fear of being insane. I was so insane that I was afraid to listen to what was being told to me. Yes, Stephanie had thoughts that she was becoming schizophrenic at the point she talks about in her post, when she was so frightened and the voices were so loud and persistent, and then she said, “What the hell! If I am, I am, and what is the point of it all except to just let it be what it is, and it is not so very bad if I just stay present and say I love myself with my whole heart and soul.” For that is what we are, love, and when we love ourselves with our whole heart and soul then we are just coming home. I am here to tell you that if you will just listen to the little voices whispering deep in your soul then you will know that you are never alone. Here I am, talking to you, and that is not so very strange, is it? It matters not from whence the voices flow, for you always hear them in your own head, if that is the way you want to think of it, even when you are sitting next to someone in that physical reality it is understood that sound waves are only being translated into thought in your own mind. Now, this may appear frightening to some, and that is because the Earth mind is so confused that it does not know itself. This is because it had to pretend that it was separated from its own soul in order to have the experience of separating from love in order to come back to love, and so know itself as what it is. You cannot lose the experience of interacting with others, for this will continue, for we are so many that the stars in the sky are dwarved in comparison, and you are many, and you know yourself as the children of…and the parents of…and the sibling of….and the friend of….and this is the way it is and the way it goes. There are all these who are our friends and lovers and together we create and expand and know the joy of experience. This is the way it is, and it is a beautiful thing. And so as you come into connection you may hear and listen with more acuity, and that is all right. It is fear that creates fear, and this is the nature of insanity. You are loved, you are so very loved, and so I say to you: I love you.

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