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Steve ruminates on friendship.

Sunday 12:24 a.m. February 12, 2017

Steph: Why does Tim Cook keep flashing into my mind?

Steve: Ha, I’m glad you caught that. Absolutely I want to talk about it. Can you hear me okay?’

Steph: Not really.

Steve: Take your time. Listen. There are no bars to what we can talk about and that is why you are thinking that you shouldn’t have to hear about the inside dope on …

LIsten with your heart, dear. Let go of your resistance and just let your fingers do the talking. There are no obligations on my part to explain this to you but I am feeling a bit anxious as I watch what is happening. I can only translate what I experience and that feels like anxiety although it is not stressful as it is normally experienced there. That’s right. Without a body I do not experience stress. You will find that if you can relax more you will not have to work so hard to hear me. Just take a deep breath and relax. Tim didn’t really want the job. I was persuasive and he respected me and my decisions. He was a dear friend although you might think that I didn’t have dear friends. I always did. I just was a bit of a tyrant even to them which does not mean that I did not treasure them. Yes, I know that I told you that I did not want to be the one who loved, but this is different. It is not about the issues surrounding the lovelorn, it is about the natural expression of friendship. You see, you have been thinking that I was just an asshole who wanted to be the king of the hill, with everyone doing my bidding, and ready to toss them on the garbage heap if they were no longer useful to me. Not so. There were always those that I held in high esteem, and Tim was one of these. He was an outsider, he was the one that didn’t really have any friends within the targeted group. He was a bit of a loner in any case, and as you know, he had a different orientation than many. I knew this and was not concerned. If anything, those qualities made him more trustworthy for he was used to being alone and not looking to others for confirmation of his decisions. I liked that, it meant he could exercise independent judgment, and that’s what it takes. You can’t run a company by committee, no matter what people tell you, you can only do it from a deep sense of…too difficult for you to get this word…commitment to the product and the public. There, thank you, Steph. When we are always together, you find that I am talking to you even when you don’t hear me and then you don’t know when you are hearing me or not. I am not above taking my shoe off and hitting you over the head to get your attention. Yes, I still want to talk.

Steph: Yeah, you’re right, Steve. I’m glad I have you to talk to.

[I fall asleep, my fingers were barely able to hang on that far.]

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