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The vibration of love.

Feb. 10, 2017 12:28 P.m


How can I love others if I do not love myself? This is the eternal question that we are going to address if you wll sit down at the computer. Thank you. You will enjoy this discussion for it will not be so personally trying as some have been. We know we push your buttons and that brings up a lot of fear that needs to be expressed and that is why we do it. We think that you are more comfortable and so we can discuss other matters that are not so personally challenging. Thank you for being a good sport in this quest for understanding and for the light of remembrance. That is correct, you got what we were trying to say. For the light of remembrance is what we think of as understanding when we are in the Earth Plane Distortion Field, and we think that is a very good term that you and Steve concocted and we have adopted it. When you are in the EDF (as you have shortened it, Earth Distortion Field) you are not aware that you have been experiencing many lifetimes simultaneously. This is because you are locked into a system of cognitive experience that is limited in dimension. This is known as the corporeal divide, as you also so aptly described it. Within this limited system, there is only three things that keep re-occurring: the experience of time, space and person. Yes, that is correct, “person”. Within these three dimensions there appears to be some coherence, when in fact there is none. The only coherence is in the totality, and the totality cannot be conceived from any of its parts. Therefore, as we have continually expressed to you, you cannot comprehend anything at all and that is why we ask that you say “I love you” whenever you think to do so. This is the truest expression of the totality that you can approach, for it is an acknowledgement of the core condition of love. Love is the approximation of the God energy that can be comprehended within the limited dimensions, of which the EDF is only one. Love is an expression of energy so fine that it penetrates all the dimensions in a coherent form of extension from Source. Thus, we all are able to access it and to understand that it binds us all together. It is the single link that connects all of creation. When you love another you are allowing yourself to feel the vibration of All That Is even though you do not know from whence it comes. It comes from the heart, which is the center of experience. Within the heart there is a single trigger that vibrates to the sound of love. This trigger than releases the energy into your experience and you feel “in love” with whatever is within your own field of perception. This is difficult to explain for you are wondering if what is in your field of perception is not also the vibration of love, and we tell you that it both is and it is not. It is the essence of love manifesting and it is the nature of separation to appear as if it is not. This is quite a leap of imagination that can only be accomplished by allowing the logical mind to rest, for the logical mind is designed for the experience of singularity, which means that it is only capable of understanding “either-or”. Within the fraemework of the logical mind you are in love, or you are not. It is impossible to comprehend being both at the same time. Within the framework of the heart it is entirely possible to comprehend this, for the heart recognizes that the manifestation had to appear separate from love in order for love to be triggered by the vibration in the heart and extend out to the manifestation. Are you following this?

Steph: I am trying.

Committee: Don’t try. You either are or you aren’t, ha ha. We are teasing you, for you are trying to understand with your logical mind, which means that you either understand or you don’t. Allow it to be filtered through your heart where there is no trying, there is only both sides of the coin, so that you can not understand and understand at the same time. To “understand” is to be the shoulders on which the manifestation rests, and that is to say that you take responsibility for your own story. To not understand is to let the story go and just stay in the flow of love, to let it take you to your destination without any effort on your part. The destination is always to find yourself in union with your own soul, which is the one that is sending you on this fruitless search for meaning. Your own soul then throws up its hands and says, “What the hey! I can just go with the flow and forget that there is supposed to be any meaning in anything and just let things be what they are, which is all they want to be, anyway.” Yes, you can follow back the trail of love, that is to say, understand how manifestation works, as you did when you were in the bathtub looking around and realizing that everything you saw was a manifestation of love. It was love responding to love’s request. It was love speaking to itself through the medium of time, space and person. It was love saying, you need something to wipe your butt when there aren’t any leaves or moss around and you don’t want to leave skidmarks on your underwear, let us come up with a solution, and voila! here is this soft white tissue that we are calling toilet paper, because in the meantime we have begun to call what you do that causes the need to wipe your butt “going to the toilet” or “doing your toilet”. Yes, Stephanie, it is very connected, we are all very connected, and that is what we are trying to tell you. We are all connected through the heart which is triggered by the vibration of love, and that vibration speaks to us all. The heart sends out a vibration and other hearts are triggered by it, and so it goes, round and round. There is no wasted energy when you say “I love you”, even if you say it to your big toe, for it sends forth a vibration that triggers other hearts that then causes the vibration to extend into their own manifestations and find a target. Yes, you are correct, it is like light, which shines forth into the darkness and cannot be seen until it hits a target, an object that can reflect it. That is a very good analogy, and one not so very different than the vibration of love itself, for love and light are very closely aligned and some thing they are the same, although this is not true. They are on the continuum of love, and so light is an extremely fine energy that is close in nature to the pure vibration of love.

Steph: Okay so just like light, love cannot be seen or known until it hits an object, like the moon, and causes it to spring forth into experience. So love causes the object it strikes to light up, to become known.

Committee: Yes, you are so getting this and we are grateful that you are allowing us to help you find these wonderful ways of expressing something that can be so difficult to understand. It is the vibration of love that constantly and consistently renews itself and reflects back to its source—thus, you might say, the sun knows the moon as it sends out its own light and sees its own reflection looking back at it. Is this so difficult to understand? You ARE the light and all you see is your reflection, the reflection of your love-light that shines out into the darkness. Recognize yourself in all that you see and this will cause more love-light to shine forth and brighter reflections to let you know how powerful and glorious you are. “Let your love-light shine” is a very very apt expression. Yes, it is also often stated as “let your heart-light shine.”

We will let you go for we are not wanting to keep you so very long. We love you, we know you love us, and we are here when you would like to continue this or any other discussion. We cannot tell you how many times we have wanted to share wilth you when you could not hear us and that is all right, for that is the way of the EDF, it dulls the hearing and the vision and then you think you are all alone when we are right here, beside you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear. You are loved, you have always been loved, and you always will be. Take heed, dear Stephanie, these nothings are everything, and that is why it is so comforting to lie in the arms of another and whisper sweet nothings into the ear of the other. This is love. We love you. Take care and we will talk again.

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