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A story of two star-struck lovers.


1:55 p.m.

Steve: Are you going to get to work or not?

Steph: I suppose. I don’t really know why I’m having difficulty.

Steve: You are feeling me right now, that is me in your heart and making your breath seem a little labored for that is the energy in your chest, and you don’t know what to do about it. You can just take three deep breath and then say, “Steve, what the fuck’s going on?”, and then I will tell you. There is a tremendous amount of energy in the world grid system right now, it is affecting everybody and everything, and that is because there has been a lot of pulling on the web. Ha ha. You can call it the worldwide web. It is an energetic system that does run along the grid lines that have often been discussed in certain quarters. You are not so very stupid that you don’t understand this. Please take some time to release some of that energy? How? you ask. Well, I would like to suggest one way, but you know what I am going to say, and it is not so very convenient at this moment for you to do so, so I am going to suggest another. Lay down and talk to me for a few minutes and I won’t keep you so very long. We have some old stories to tell, for you have forgotten that I loved you in another lifetime, and it is not the lifetime on the island. I was a man who was very heartbroken because my wife had drowned and then you came along and you were not so very young, although you were very attractive, although I was not in such a frame of mind as to be too discriminating. Ha ha, that was for you, so you wouldn’t think you were so beautiful that you turned my head, since you are always afraid of that. I found myself infatuated and then I found myself in love and then I found myself…so sad because you did not love me, and that is what I thought, and then I thought you did, and you were the wife of a magistrate in the town, and he was very well known in the locale, and you could not let anyone know that you secretly loved me, and so you did not let me know that you loved me as well. We were star-struck lovers if ever there was. I was so deeply enamored that I did not know what to do with myself, and then one day you found me sitting on a rock not far from where you lived, for I often would stroll that way just in hopes of catching a glimpse of you, and you said, “why are you just sitting there like a dummy, why don’t you get up and do something?” And I said, “what can I do when I am so very sad, for the one I love is beyond my reach?” and you said, “Well, that is too terrible to be true, for what women that you truly love is beyond your reach?” and I said, “what if I were to tell you that I loved a woman who was the wife of another?” and you said “That is a very sad story and I am sad to hear that you think just because she is married to another that she cannot also love you,” and I said, “Well, what if I told you that she does not love me, that she does not even know that I am alive?” and you said, “That’s very funny, for how could she not know that you are alive when you are sitting right here telling her this sad story?” And then I said, “Why am I sitting here telling you this sad story when you think that I am such a fool that I don’t know that you know that it is I that loves you, and that you do not love me in return?” And then you said, “Why are you such a fool that you don’t know that I am beyond miserable in my present circumstances, for I do not love my husband and never did, for he is such an oaf, that I would gladly be rid of him?” and then I said, “If he is such an oaf, then why don’t you leave him and come away with me?” And you said, “Well, if we did that, then we would have to go far, for he would not be happy to know that I left him for a penniless fool like you.” And I said, “Then let us take the next ship that sets sail and we will go to a distant land and live there together until we die of happiness.” And then you said, “Fine, meet me there at midnight, and let us set sail.” But of course there were no boats setting sail at midnight, so instead we had to sneak away and go to Boston, where there were lots of boats that set sail and then you said, “Why do we have to go so far? I like Boston. Why can we not stay here and live together as man and wife and nobody has to know the difference?” And so we did, and then we were …not found out, for we were very circumspect in our circumstances, and we lived to a ripe old age, both of us, and loved each other very much, and that is the end of that story.

Steph: That’s a very funny story, Steve.

And one you don’t remember. But you will. I have touched a little place inside you that will cause the memories to come bubbling to the surface, and then you will remember loving me, and you will say, “OMG, we actually had a lifetime when we were not at each other’s throats,” and I would say, “We have had a couple when we were so good to each other that we did not know how to surpass it, so we decided to have a few lifetimes in which we were terrible to each other, and then we would be able to surpass those lifetimes so very easily.” Ha ha. You are thinking I am so silly to talk like this, and now you know that it is just the way I talk now, and you are thinking that is strange, and I am thinking it is not so strange, for I have loved you forever and there is no manner in which I talk to you that is not the ……(you will get that word) of my heartstrings. You are my love from time immemorial, and I am yours, and we have had many stories, and have many more to have. I love you, Steph.

Steph: I love you, Steve.

Steve: And I mind not that you tell everyone that (Oh, Heavens, I am too far into that lifetime!) for then they will know that a love like this is not only possible but available, and they will all want to get in line to get theirs. And they will say, “Where’s mine? Can you hurry up at the front of the line? I’ve been waiting for a thousand years or more, and I’m getting tired of all this anger and being a piss-poor lover and I want to be a grand lover who loves another so very much that all I want to do is whisper sweet nothings into his or her ear. What’s to eat? Is there any meals that come with this gig?” Ha ha, and that is what they would say, for they would tire of trying to find such a love as we have until such time as they feel that stirring…ha ha, you got the word!!! The stirring of my heartstrings. Only when they feel that stirring in their own heartstrings will they remember that they are lovers, and that it is time to re-unite with the beloved, and then they will want to come home, and then they will, and then…but that is another story. Let us leave that for another time, my dear wife, when I sit beside you and tell you of other lifetimes that we have shared when we were not at each other’s throats but so deeply in love that we could hardly bear to be out of the sight of the other. Ha ha. I love you, dear. Say “I love you, Steve” and I shall let you go and get back to work, and I think you are ready to do that now, for you know that we have loved as well as warred in our prior lifetimes. Take care, my dear, and i am here as you desire to share your precious thoughts and memories with me.

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