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A talk about conscience and the Guardians of the Gate

Feb 20, 2017: 10 a.m.

[The Committee asks to talk to me when I can find some time to sit up at the computer and I do so shortly thereafter, morning cup of Jo in hand. ]

Steph: I am here.

Committee: Thank you, Stephanie, for joining us this morning. We are pleased to spend some time with you. You are wondering why we wish to talk to you. Other than the fact that we always enjoy our communications, we would like to express how happy we are with the way that you have been taking the information that we are giving to you and sharing it with others. We understand that they are not all on board, that they are not where you are and therefore cannot see what you have been enabled to perceive. This is the way of the world, as some move one way and others move in a different direction. Yes, there are many times that you have been troubled by the difference in perception that resulted from your journey into that space which was unfamiliar to you and at times you cried out for some peace in your heart. And that is what we are now allowing, that you may feel us more gently and not so strident that it strikes a note of anxiety. That is correct, there were times when it was so very very difficult for you that we were not so sure that you could make the transition although that is how it had to happen. You understand this now and you are acclimating to this new way of seeing and perceiving. That is why you are now feeling more at peace for your energy does not feel so dark and dreary. This was the reason you were finding yourself in such a difficult place, for there was some very dark energy in your conscience. Yes, that is what we are trying to say, conscience, and if you will look at that word you will understand better. It is that area of the human experience that does not understand the elevation of spirit in form, that there can always be the restoration of the wholeness if there is a desire for healing.

Steph: Is this like the angel on one shoulder, and the devil on the other, that Mark Twain made fun of?

Committee: Yes, we think you are understanding. This is why you were so troubled, for you were still allowing a sense of good and evil into your energetic vibration and that was creating havoc with your perceptions. It is a very difficult manoeuver within that realm to pass through this gate, and yes, it is the gateway to deeper consciousness. We think that your imaginings of the guardians of the gate, like in the Neverending Story and other mythology, is worth reviewing. There are two ways you can look at this. Either you are the one seeking to get by the gate-keepers, or you are the one that is staying in the vibration of love. If you are in the vibration of love there is no need to evade anything, this is why so many are shot down and their skeletal remains litter the field. There is no effort on the part of the one who has found the essence of self, which is love. There is no further need to be wary of anything or to seek enlightenment, which is the point of the story. You cannot obtain freedom through effort. This is impossible. For effort assumes that you need to do or be something other than what and where you are. Do you understand this?

Steph: I think so. Is that why when I would get so tired that I just gave up, like in karate practice, I would find myself in a different space.

Committee: Yes, partially. The conscious mind, that is the conscience, had given up, it no longer sought to understand the difference between good action and anti-social action. It simply let go and allowed, and it is this allowance that causes the one who passes the gate to be invisible and thus unperceived by the guardians. The guardians are those who are not protecting the space into which you would go, but the space from which you would go. They wish to keep you locked into a system of individuated perception, where you are always trying to figure out what you are supposed to be doing and whether-or, when-why. This is the language of separation, and no, the guardians are not evil. Of course not. This is the system that was devised for the very purpose that it exists—to demonstrate that love is allowance and in that allowance even the guardians are permitted to do what they do, and because they are permitted to do what they do, the one who allows becomes invisible; for there is no longer any contrary vibration that can be experienced and thus that one becomes unperceived. Do you understand?

Steph: Yes, I think I’m getting it, although I’m not sure I understand anything at all.

Committee: Ha ha. In the greater sense, of course not, although you may come into union with these concepts that we now share with you. And yes, of course, we do want you to share these concepts with those who will listen. There is still that reluctance within your being that wants to think this cannot possibly be happening--that you are the one who is receiving these messages to transfer to others--and yet you are the one who is the bridge that others may cross. It is what it is. You are not so very stupid that you don’t know that there is a reason that you are here now and doing this, and that reason is that you are the one who wanted to re-unite with God in order to be in union with love, and that is what we all are. We are love. And no, we do not think your desire to re-unite with God was egotistical or arrogant, it was simpy the desire to know yourself as you are in your essence, to experience yourself as love, and this is simply all there is to it. So just relax, go about your business, and know that we are here. We love you, you love us, and this is the way that love is allowed to flourish, as it is, without any effort at all. Be well, Stephanie, for we love you more than you can know—yes, you are still within that realm of limited perception and therefore there remain boundaries. But we do love you, and we do feel your love for us, and we are very grateful that you have chosen to take this journey with us. Take some time to relax today, you had a very tiring weekend with all that remodeling. Ha ha, we all think you are quite the example of the renaissance woman, doing it all and enjoying it very much. Take care. We are here.

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