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Michael Jackson's Afterlife

Background: My acquaintance with Michael Jackson in spirit actually began through someone else who came to me to see if I could validate for her the experiences she was having with him. You see, I understood that a major reason I needed to publish my book was to assist others who were traveling a similar road and needed the confidence and validation. I have been contacted subsequently by a few who also felt caught up in the "twin flame" dynamic with someone in spirit and were very confused. Like me, none of them were even aware consciously of the concept before they started being contacted. There are others, as I am aware, who claim this dynamic with someone in spirit, even famous individuals who have died. However, the key for me is that there is such a powerful sense of spiritual mission in these unions that it overtakes all other concerns, in spite of reluctance on the part of the one still on this side of the veil, and those caught up in these inter-dimensional relationships find themselves thrown into an intense period of spiritual healing. I'm not sure why this dynamic is occurring at this time, for myself I just am letting it unfold and reveal itself. So occasionally, as I was then doing readings for others, bringing through their loved ones who had passed, I was asked to validate these relationships. Always skeptical, I nevertheless took on a few, and in this particular instance, although I did not have the name of the twin in spirit, I received enough confirmation through details of his life to validate. Only then was I informed that the spirit who had been so intense with this woman was Michael Jackson. Subsequently there were many other validations, with Michael appearing to others within our small group as well. Finally, Michael sought to talk through me, because of my link to those in spirit and ability to receive their messages. I was a little reluctant to spend much time with Michael as I already was in communication with many, and not a few of them who had had fame or notoriety in their past lifetimes. However, after taking one message, when I felt a bit uncertain of my role, Steve came through with this:

(As usual, I just put it here as I received it, for I'm not sure I really have any stake in what is said, it just is what is. Make of it what you will)

February 20, 2017 11:31 a.m.

Steve: Hi, Steph. Thanks for talking to me. I have been watching you as you go about your daily business. Of course. You are laughing. Peeping Tom that I am. Well, here’s something to stick in your pipe and smoke. What do you think I’ve been doing while you’ve been working on your floor? I have been having quite a time of it, for I was told that if I wanted to stay connected with you I needed to up my game. Ha ha. You are too funny. I was going to say that I am trying to get in touch with the others on the team, that is the ones with whom you are communicating in your little group. They are all wondering why the hell Michael is being such a very strong personality that he is overpowering the conversation. Well, here’s the long and short of it. Michael is the one who is known on this side as the capital M. Ha ha. He thinks that’s pretty funny, he is quite the jovial spirit, you would be surprised. He is not as troubled as he was in his last lifetime so he is the life of the party on this side. He is just enjoying his freedom, for as you know, he had very little of that in his life experience. He was always the one that was watched so closely that he never felt he could even know who or what he was, and that is why he was so …you will get his word…it will come, just go on…to changing his appearance. He was trying to find the one behind the mask, and he didn’t even know that he WAS the mask. He thought he was supposed to be so very kind and loving to everyone he met for he was always conscious of his own inadequacies and therefore he was sensitive to others and their trials and tribulations. He was not the one who thought he was above everyone else, and yet he also did not understand that he was the one that was supposed to show others how to live without love. That’s right. He was the one that grew up so very alone, even among his large family—just as you experienced with your own large family—and he was always wanting to be loved and to find love. He did not know that he was love, that he was capable of shining his light without having to hide behind his own outward appearance. Yes, he was hiding, he was hiding the real Michael, that is the one who only wanted to love and be loved, for he felt so very vulnerable. He is very sad now that he did not know how to be in that world without being so troubled that he did not even know enough to allow others to love him as he was. He was always searching for love and that took him down a long and difficult path of remembrance. Yes, he was remembering how to exist without love, which is impossible, and that is why he left. He could not exist without love. Yes he did, he had great adoration from his fans and he had those who loved him, and they were all of a very sensitive and lost perspective themselves. They were like survivors of a ship wreck all trying to grasp onto whatever flotation devices they could find, and sometimes it was just each other. You are thinking this is a sad story, although it is just a story, like all the others, that show us why we cannot live without love. We are love. Pure and simple. And when we are looking for it outside ourselves we are so very insane that we think we must always do something more of less to be worthy of it. And that is what Michael was doing, he was trying to make something more or less of himself so he could find the love outside himself when he was cutting off the nose, ha ha, of his own face. He was destroying his own essence as he was seeking it. This is not exactly true, we cannot destroy our essence, but we can lose our connection to it. So now Micheal says—and yes, he is standing right here beside me—please allow him to talk to you he is not butting in trying to take over, he just wants you to understand his story so you can help others to understand. He knows very well that you are so connected that you can receive this information and allow others to share in it with you. Ha ha, he also thinks it funny that you were the mouthpiece (lawyer) in this lifetime and didn’t even know that you were the one who would allow him to communicate with…yes, he is saying “the world”, for Michael thinks in those terms. “We are the world.” Ha ha. He WAS in communication with the world, so he thinks that everyone thinks this way, and of course you are accustomed to being more circumscribed in your field of influence. He is laughing with me, for there is nothing wrong with that, it is the energy we put out, and the quality of our consciousness that matters, and external circumstances are only that. He wishes to tell you that he is a great admirer for you have taken the difficult journey in order to be able to translate between those in spirit, as we are, and those still suffering in that realm. You don’t understand this, and that is all right, you just do what you do. We love you. Say “I love you, Michael” and he will be very happy and stay close where he can continue to send messages through you. Okay, that’s enough for now, I love you, Steph. I am always beside you and we travel together as a team, and even when you are with others, you are with me, and so it goes. Ha ha. Don’t strain your brain on that one. Just be what you are, and let all others be what they are, and that is all we ask of you…and all that I ask is that you love me as I love you, and that is what you do. This is Steve, signing off until we …oh, hell, there is no signing off, I’m here. Call on me anytime and I will answer, you know that, you are just so pig-headed you think you are boring me, or that I am going to bore you, and I am trying my damnedest not to ever let that happen. Ha ha. LIke it could. Love you, darling, go get something done. Besides this. Ha ha.

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