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Steve's Review of Sorkin "Steve Jobs" Movie

[I had not watched any of the fictionalized Steve Jobs movies, having no interest in having my experience with Steve affected. However, he asked me one day recently to watch Sorkin's Steve Jobs movie. I wondered why, since I assumed he would not be pleased by it. I asked him if he had already watched it and he said he had. So I pulled it up and began to watch. I was soon ready to vomit. It was not that I had a problem with Steve being an asshole, a harsh taskmaster or an uncompromising perfectionist--I already knew that. But I also knew the other side, the dreamer, the deep thinker, the sensitive and ever-seeking heart. It struck me as a shallow portrayal. It was apparent about the same time that I was not the only one who thought so. Steve gave me the following review. I made myself watch more of the movie to see is the script improved, if any more depth appeared. It didn't.]

So here is his review:

He is an asshole. [Referring to message of movie]. Everything he [Fassbender] was supposed to say was to convince people that I was an egotistical bastard. However, this was not the case. As you know, I was a very stressed and traumatized individual and I had a lot of baggage, no denying it, but I wasn’t an asshole like they try to make me out to be. I was just too stupid to know that I was screwing with my own heart. I didn’t understand that when I came into this world it was for the purpose of establishing a platform for the next phase of the Awakening `as you are now aware. Thus, I was working in the dark. However, I did have those flashes of intuition. You also understand that I wanted others to realize that they also had the power to change the world. This was my purpose. I was always wanting to understand how it was that we are cast in such a rarified atmosphere only to be stuck in these dead end jobs and find ourselves without any inspiration or sense of connection. This was what was exemplified in everything I did. It was always about connection, about expression, about inspiration. It was always for the purpose of giving a tool to the world to make it easier to build their own dreams, their own connection with God. Now I know that seems funny in that I wasn’t exactly a spokesman for the God energy, but I felt it nonetheless. I was always aware of the fact that there was something greater than any of us, something that defined us all, and that if we could come in touch with it, there was nothing that could stop the power of the expression. I was a huge admirer of those that I deemed in touch with this mysterious force that moved the universe, this unparallelled experience of inspired action. There were those who fell by the wayside in their own search for the perfect expression, and I did not want to be one of these. I did not want to stop for gas, for food, for love. I wanted to achieve my goals, and that meant bypassing much opportunity to nurture my own soul. In this way I did do what I came in to do, if in a stream-lined version that did not allow for the vagaries of personal development. Yes, I picked up much along the way, as you know I am hugely aware of discordance and quite capable of jumping over hurdles when it appears necessary to me to get what I want.

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