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"Connect with loved ones or guides in spirit. Get guidance on personal life issues, relationships, blocks and your life purpose."

  • Individual Session: $50 per hour. Includes video recording through Zoom.

  • Group Session: $20 each participant. Minimum 5, approx. 2 hours per session. Group sessions occur using Zoom video conferencing. Zoom is a free and easy download.

  • In Person Session: Fargo, North Dakota USA. Email for details.

  • Payment Options:  PayPal. Email or private message for details.

Contact me

Facebook/Meta Profile (Private message): Stephanie Patel

Facebook/Meta Group (Private message): Now We Are Awake

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Steph F

I've had quite a few sessions with Stephanie, in the role of medium contacting my loved one, and as facilitator of counseling. She has a beautiful connection to spirit. She has the ability to connect to my loved one in a way I've not experienced with any other medium. She not only has a different validation each time, but her validations seep through the whole reading. She has been able to tap-in on a very in depth level. She also provides guidance that is invaluable to me. It's not all feel good what-you-want-to-hear either. She just says it like it is. It's always healing and it's always from a place of great love. I'm incredibly grateful that we met. I highly recommend her readings and her courses. She always goes above and beyond as well, which I think is very rare. She wants to get to the bottom of it. She's not the one who says... Ok, times up. She has a heart for seeing it through. Very rare. More valuable than you'll know until you experience it.

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